Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s) 

1) What is the current (2022) cost of construction per sq. ft in Kathmandu?

As per the current market trends, the construction costs in Kathmandu varies between Rs.3000 to Rs3200 per sq. ft for structural work.

2) When is the best time to start your Home Construction in Nepal?

Generally speaking, you can start building your home during any month of the year. As long as there is a continuous flow of Laboure, materials and budget inflow. But, many people in Nepal consider the below months favorable to initiate their home construction in India.

The Most Favorable Months to Start your Home Construction    

  • March-may
  • October-November
  • January-February

3) How can you reduce your Home Construction Costs?

  • Systematic Planning
  • Minimising Unnecessary Wastage
  • Efficient Project Management
  • Reducing Needless Extended Time Frames

4) How can We make Passive Income by Constructing a House?

By Renting your Property for 

  • Single-Family Units
  • Duplex or Multiplex Purpose
  • Commercial Use
  • Self Storage Facilities
  • Paying Guests , hostels
  • Apartments

5) What are the Pros of Constructing a Duplex Home?

  • Ideal for Joint Families seeking Security and Privacy
  • Higher Resale Value
  • Efficient Floor Planning
  • More Scope for Luxurious Life
  • All home units can be fitted efficiently under a single slab

6) How Often do the Cost of Construction Materials Change as per the Market Trends?

The cost of construction materials keeps changing every day due to fluctuations in inflation rates, transportation and availability of materials. To give you an approximate estimate, the construction material costs are revised every 7-10 days.

7) Will there be any additional foreseen cost during the home construction period?

You can always keep an additional capping budget of 5 to 10 % from the original estimated cost of construction.

8) What are the Benefits of building an independent home ?

  • More options for customization 
  • Spacious
  • Vastu compliance
  • Privacy is not compromised
  • Resale Value is Higher

9) What are the advantages of hiring an architect?

  • Helps in avoiding Design Errors
  • Artistic & Sustainable Solutions for your home
  • Cost-effective in Long Run
  • You can choose Right Materials & Finishes

10) What are the benefits of choosing KSM Services as your Construction Partner?

KSM Services is the ultimate Home Building Partner that caters to all your construction needs right from design and execution.

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Finest Design Experience from Experienced Architects
  • Payment Feasibility
  • Strictly No to Subcontracting, we use our own inhouse manpowers
  • Adhering to Strict Timeline, Quality
  • Access to Branded Materials
  • Dedicated Team of Site Engineers During Execution
  • 12/7 Support after Delivery

For more details contact us 9802096085


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